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The Benefits of Reading for Seniors– Kingston

With so many options of things to read in the forms of books, magazines, newspapers, web-content, poetry, or any other collection of words, there is enough reading material out in the world to suit any interest, and the options are always expanding. More than just a fun and interesting hobby, reading also involves a whole host of different mental exercises that are incredibly helpful for the aging brain.

Seniors and Sexual Health – Kingston

In this day and age, there is greater openness and willingness to have important conversations regarding sexuality, sexual expression, and sexual health than there was even just a decade ago, and a great deal of attention has been placed upon shaping understandings and discussions of sexuality to better promote safe, healthy, and fulfilling sexual relationships. The reality is, however, that these efforts are most often directed towards those in adolescence and adulthood, and very little emphasis has been placed upon working to promote a willingness to talk about the sexualities of older members of the population. Popular discourse tends to support the notion that seniors and older adults lack any form of sexual drive or desire. The common understanding, influenced in large part by the taboo that still accompanies discussions of seniors’ sexualities, is that older individuals no longer take part in sexual activity or have the same degree of sexual desire as younger members of the population. Contrary to these beliefs, however, sexual intimacy continues to be an enriching and important aspect of life for many seniors.

Strategies for Communicating with Seniors with Dementia – Kingston

Despite this, it is important not to abandon hope or assume that trying to communicate effectively is a lost cause. Even the smallest or most fleeting of moments during which a sense of connectedness is experienced can be so incredibly meaningful, and there are strategies that can help facilitate and nurture better communication with seniors who have Dementia that can help to bring those special moments to life. Even as new challenges present themselves, remember that there is always room for hope.

Playfulness for Health and Happiness – Kingston

The opportunity to be playful and take part in activities we enjoy is something most of us see as a luxury to be saved for after all the important tasks have been completed, but playing around is actually an important health promoting activity. Today’s society places a great deal of value upon the notion of being busy, having a packed schedule, taking part goal-driven tasks, and constantly having an unending list of things to get done. Along with this fact, we see a significant devaluation of activities and interests that do not necessarily result in tangible or objectively productive outcomes. What is important to understand amid these common ideologies and systems of valuation, however, is the reality that playfulness is meaningful and beneficial in its own important and unique ways that make it valuable for people of all ages, including seniors, to prioritize being playful and make having fun a regular and dependable aspect of their lives. What Constitutes Play? ‘Play’ can be characterized in many different ways, and every person will likely have their own unique and personal understanding of what activities count as playful within the context of their own lives. The essential idea that is part of all understandings of play is that playfulness is the spirit that is involved when we take part in activities for no reason other than to experience the joy that they provide, rather than with the goal of achieving a particularly productive outcome. Any activity that is performed solely for enjoyment and fun without any other purpose is a playful one. The Values of Playfulness There are so many wonderful...

Helping Seniors Manage Knee Pain – Kingston

Our knees endure a great deal carrying us around for so many years, so they tend to become a more troublesome spot as we reach older age. Gravity, time, and general wear all have an impact on the state of our knees, and all of these elements in combination with one another over the course of the many years that seniors have been walking, add up to create issues that can interfere with seniors’ mobility. Things That Contribute to Knee Pain In addition to the general wear and tear of the knees that occurs over the course of many years, there are also other conditions and factors that can cause occasional or persistent knee pain for seniors. These can include, but are not limited to: Obesity Trauma or Injury History of High-Impact Use (Such as sports or exercise) Osteoarthritis (cartilage breakdown) Overuse Alleviating Knee Pain There are many ways to help manage the knee pain that seniors may begin to face, and the best options for each senior are dependent on the personal circumstances of their health and lifestyle. Some seniors may have to have surgery in the form of a knee replacement, a procedure that removes damaged bone and cartilage and replaces it with a synthetic joint. Others will not need to go as far as surgery, and will be able to alleviate or manage their discomfort through physical therapy, or appropriate pain killers prescribed by a healthcare professional. Talking though all concerns and options with a healthcare professional is the best place to start, so schedule an appointment with a doctor should pain start to cause concern...

Considering Seniors’ Nutrition in The Winter – Kingston

When the winter weather hits and cold weather is in full force, seniors may find it more daunting to think about venturing out to the grocery store on a regular basis to get fresh produce, and might find themselves resorting to more prepared and packaged convenience foods. On top of this, there is a tendency for people to find themselves wanting just to eat comfort food when the weather is cold, which is absolutely fine as long as there is some balance and seniors are making sure that, along with those comforting foods that maybe aren’t the healthiest, they are also getting in ample fruits, vegetables, and nutrients.

When the Time Comes to Stop Driving – Kingston

With all of the changes that take place for seniors in older age, many individuals feel as though they are slowly losing aspects of their independence and self-sufficiency but by bit, and the notion of not being able to drive anymore can come as a devastating blow. For this reason, many seniors want to keep driving as long as possible, even if they are noticing that driving is becoming more challenging.

What to do with the Cold-Weather Blues? – Kingston

As cold weather and shorter days set in, we are forced to deal with the many things that come along with cold weather seasons. We ensure that we, and our loved ones, have appropriate clothing and comforts available to combat and manage the colder temperatures, both within the home and outside, and we make appropriate upkeep and safety arrangements to deal with rain, snow, and ice.

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