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Keeping Seniors Safe and Warm – Kingston

As we all know well, the winters here in Canada can bring about incredibly cold days and nights, and it can be tough to keep warm sometimes. Seniors might experience the cold in an even more severe way because of the age of their bodies and the circumstances that come with the current stage of their lives. Helping seniors to think through the practices, strategies, tools, and reminders that they need to help keep themselves amply warm and cozy through the winter can help put everyone at ease and allow for a calmer, more comfortable few months.

Promoting Healthy Skin – Kingston

With ageing come various changes that can impact the way skin looks and feels. As the texture, sensitivity, and vulnerability of the skin changes with age, it becomes increasingly important to engage in self-care practices that can help to promote skin-health and keep things feeling and looking as healthy as possible. Older skin behaves differently than it did in younger years, so seniors may need to make some adjustments to their Skincare routines to better suit their skin in its current state.

Benefits of Swimming for Seniors – Kingston

Swimming is an incredible form of exercise that many seniors enjoy year-round. Whether it be indoor swim sessions, water-aerobics classes, or outdoor fun in the sun, swimming is an accessible way for seniors to get their bodies moving and keep active.

With the many physical changes that come with growing older, many seniors begin to find it more challenging to engage in all the same forms of exercise or activity that they may have enjoyed when they were younger, but water exercise remains manageable and enjoyable for many seniors, even as they adapt to their changing bodies.

Seniors and Celiac Disease – Kingston

Celiac disease is something that has gained a great deal more attention over recent years, with the gluten-free diet becoming more common now than it ever has been before. While most of the attention and literature surrounding Celiac Disease is centered around children and young adults, seniors facing the symptoms of the disease, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, can encounter various harmful health concerns. For this reason, developing an understanding of Celiac disease, its symptoms, and how to address associated concerns is important for seniors and their caregivers.

What’s So Important About Vitamin D? – Kingston

When it comes to managing health and wellbeing, there seems to be an unending list of things to keep track of. Keeping seniors healthy and happy as they continue to grow older is a process with many facets, and it can become easy to let some things fall by the wayside in the midst of everything. Amid all the larger scale health concerns that seniors may be dealing with on a daily basis, things like Vitamin Deficiency often get ignored or forgotten about; but not having enough of essential Vitamins and nutrients can cause a real problem for seniors’ health and wellbeing, so it is worth prioritizing a focus on making sure seniors have enough of the Vitamins they need.

Seniors and Eczema – Kingston

Eczema is a skin condition that results in dry, flaky patches of skin that can cause some discomfort. The dryness associated with Eczema comes from a loss of lipids (insoluble fatty compounds) on the skin that help cells to hold on to water. With a reduction of these important lipids, the skin loses moisture and becomes dry and irritated. Eczema can occur on different parts of the body and can also come in different forms (Atopic Dermatitis and Stasis Dermatitis).

How Aromatherapy Can Help Support Seniors’ Wellbeing – Kingston

When it comes to self-care, there are certain forms of soothing things that we know can help us feel better. When we want to feel a certain way, we make use of things that help us get there. A favourite song, a warm cosy blanket, a beautiful view; these are all things that tap into our senses and make us feel better. Sense of smell is a powerful sense, and surrounding oneself with different scents can really contribute to creating a certain mood or feel. Aromatherapy takes the knowledge of how powerful scent can be, and channels it into a form of therapy for the body, mind, and soul.

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