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Helping Seniors Manage Knee Pain – Kingston

Helping Seniors Manage Knee Pain – KingstonOur knees endure a great deal carrying us around for so many years, so they tend to become a more troublesome spot as we reach older age.

Gravity, time, and general wear all have an impact on the state of our knees, and all of these elements in combination with one another over the course of the many years that seniors have been walking, add up to create issues that can interfere with seniors’ mobility.

Things That Contribute to Knee Pain

In addition to the general wear and tear of the knees that occurs over the course of many years, there are also other conditions and factors that can cause occasional or persistent knee pain for seniors. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Obesity
  • Trauma or Injury
  • History of High-Impact Use (Such as sports or exercise)
  • Osteoarthritis (cartilage breakdown)
  • Overuse
Alleviating Knee Pain

There are many ways to help manage the knee pain that seniors may begin to face, and the best options for each senior are dependent on the personal circumstances of their health and lifestyle. Some seniors may have to have surgery in the form of a knee replacement, a procedure that removes damaged bone and cartilage and replaces it with a synthetic joint. Others will not need to go as far as surgery, and will be able to alleviate or manage their discomfort through physical therapy, or appropriate pain killers prescribed by a healthcare professional. Talking though all concerns and options with a healthcare professional is the best place to start, so schedule an appointment with a doctor should pain start to cause concern or impede with daily life.

Healthy Choices

Making healthy lifestyle choices is valuable for overall health, and our knees can benefit from some purposeful behavioural changes that aim to reduce or relieve pain. Lessening the amount of weight that knees must carry around can ease their load and, as a result, lift away some pain. Healthy weight-loss for seniors who are overweight can help to improve their mobility and reduce pain in certain areas such as the knees. Our knees can also benefit from being strengthened through exercise that can help make them more resilient, thus lessening the severity of pain.

Knee pain can be discouraging, uncomfortable and hard to deal with when it starts to interfere with mobility, but there are ways to care for our knees that can help deal with the symptoms that seniors may face in their daily lives. Caring for overall health also involves attending to specific areas of the body that support us throughout our lives, such as our knees that have carried us through each and every day. Meet with a healthcare professional regarding knee pain to explore underlying causes, and talk about the best course of action to help the seniors of Kingston care for their knees.


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